Our Impact

Bringing Positive Environmental, Social & Governance Impacts

Since 4FOX Initial Investment


Jobs Created


Patents Filed


Millions of R&D Investment


New Independant Board Members


Internal Committee
  • “As an impact-driven B Corporation certified company, Ecorobotix ultra-high precision farming technology reduces pesticides use up to 95% and has a saving potential of 500 MegaTon of CO2”

    Aurelien G. Demaurex

    Co-Founder & CEO of Ecorobotix
  • “Our vision is to make functional imaging accessible for people worldwide and create lasting social impact”

    Jannis Fischer

    Co-Founder & CEO Positrigo AG
  • “Artiria’s mission is to create a new standard of care to fight stroke and save lives”

    Guillaume Petit-Pierre

    Co-Founder & CEO of Artiria Medical
  • “By leveraging cutting edge molecular and data analysis technologies, Scailyte is developing precision medicine solutions, which will improve and save patient's lives.”

    Peter Nestorov

    Co-Founder & CEO of Scailyte AG
  • “Our fully integrated platform of universal implants, smart disposable instruments and AR technology leads to an environmental damage reduction of 75% compared to the high environmental impact brought by hospitals steam sterilization process and management of current large size reusable instrument sets”

    Vincent Lefauconnier

    Co-Founder & CEO of Neomedical
  • “Aspivix improves gynecology experience (-55% pain, -90% bleeding) faced by 90M discouraged women each year, empowering them to choose their contraception without fear and without pain.”

    Mathieu Horras

    Co-Founder & CEO of Aspivix
  • "By saving 50% of time in the labour-intensive scientific literature review activities, Giotto Compliance contribute to accelerate the approval process of the safety and effectiveness of medical devices."

    Aldo Podesta

    Co-Founder & CEO of L2F
  • “Kairos Fire optimizes Brand's advertising business in order to reduce the environmental footprint of both digital and offline medias.”

    Guillaume Tassetto

    Founder & CEO of Kairos Fire

ESG Approach

By focusing on early-stage investments in the healthcare sector and enhancing technology sharing between geographies, 4FOX’s objective is to improve the lives of millions of people around the world (and not only the ones of the final patients!). 

In this regard, 4FOX is committed to seek B Corp certification from all its upcoming investments as part of its fund II onwards

Using the B Corp Assessment as backbone of our ESG assessment and monitoring policy, we: 

Identify material ESG issues pre and post investment phases

Promote, address, track and monitor ESG factors during the investment management phase

Ensure adequate reporting to our investors.

4FOX's Own Commitment

Each year, the world is facing new specific challenges that require immediate actions, solutions and funding from a more and more divided global community.

To address these urgencies and help shape a better future for all, 4FOX is committed to distribute each year parts of its management fees from its fund II onwards to a selected non-profit organization whose mission serves specific issues that the world has had to face

3% of 4FOX’s carried interest will also finally be distributed to the organization that has had the most impact during its mission.